Sean and Christina were such a blast to shoot.  Born and raised in the Philadelphia area (and raised Phillies fans) it was only natural to do their engagement session at Citizens Bank Park.  Being a huge Phillies fan myself, I was beyond excited for this day to get here.  They both made my job so easy and it was such a fun day, this is a preview of their part one engagement session - after this day, I cant wait to do their wedding! 


08/06/2011 13:23

So happy with these. :D

Mama Ann
08/06/2011 18:52

These are awesome!!! You guys look so happy together. I am so happy for you both.

08/08/2011 05:55

I've said it before but I can't stop saying how proud I am that you are doing so well and the stadium pictures are extremely cool.

Grandmom P.
08/10/2011 16:28

These are just beautiful pictures and I'm so happy to have rec'd them...keep the kissin' goin' and your future will always be bright!! Love you both!!


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